Like most expectant mothers to be in this day and age, I’m using a pregnancy app to chart my babies progress. I’ve tried three so far, but have unsubscribed from two; one for annoyingly spamming me with emails even when I requested none and the other because although it had a good forum, the actual tracking/informational side was lacking.
I downloaded the app called Ovia Pregnancy. A very high percentage of people on this site are American, and so a lot of the questions other users ask don’t apply to me (America and England have some pretty big differences!) but it doesn’t change the fact that this app is the best I’ve found for tracking babies development.
Today, I turn 8 weeks pregnant, which is incredibly exciting. According to my app, my baby is now the size of a 2×2 lego brick, and for the first time ever, it has hands!


I love this element of the app, which shows how big the babies hand is. I know I’m just going to love watching my babies hands grow, especially since I’m not seeing any outward signs of pregnancy yet!

Symptoms today:
Ravenously hungry
Mood swings
Trouble sleeping