So I’ve just become 9 weeks pregnant, so it’s time for a little write up of how I found being 8 weeks pregnant! Spoiler: emotional.

So this week was Christmas, and so avoiding alcohol, yummy cheese and all the other things I would indulge in at this time without raising suspicion was difficult but I think I did it! #ninja

I found that I was still having mood swings a plenty, getting very annoyed about things I wouldn’t normally get annoyed about. When people tell you about their pregnancy, they tell you about morning sickness, food cravings and being tired, but I’m sure no one had ever admitted to me that when they are expecting they become the she bitch from hell, however, I will be the first to admit that I’ve become the she bitch from hell, and that my boyfriend has had to be super patient with me this week!


This is the first baby bump picture I’ve taken, because I’ve actually started to feel pregnant this week, rather than just bloated! My appetite has definitely increased, and I’ve put some weight on (no idea how much!)

All in all, week 8 has been an emotional rollercoaster, but apparently this will calm down soon as the baby relies on the placenta rather than my hormones – I can’t wait for that to happen!