Happy New Year to everyone!
It’s 2016 and in 7 months I will be having a baby! I’m not normally a New Years Resolutions kind of girl, but there are several things I want in place before the baby comes.
1) We need to get on top of our money situation – we need to save as much money as possible before July.
2) We are going to go for gentle walks together, and I’m going to do yoga at home. This is not only to help with the birth, but also so that after the baby is born we will be in the routine of going out for walks as a family.
3) I want to improve my cooking skills, so that I can cook healthy meals for all of us. I know baby won’t be eating for a while yet, but again I think this is an important habit to get in to.
4) Have a complete clear out. We’re lucky that we are able to use the spare room for baby, but our room needs a major clean- we are also planning to sell a couple of consoles and games, so we’re going to have to get that done at some point.

I’ll be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and we have our first midwife appointment under a week. It’s exciting but also makes me nervous!  Once we have the confirmation that baby is developing well, I will start making YouTube videos to accompany this blog- I look forward to seeing you then!