Hi everyone!

So yesterday, I had my booking appointment with the midwife. This normally happens in your tenth week of pregnancy. I had no idea what to expect from this appointment, and so I thought it might be useful to blog about the experience for any other first time mums in the UK who are unaware of what a booking appointment is.

I took my boyfriend with me to the appointment, and was worried that he would just sit and have nothing to do, but our midwife T was absolutely excellent, involving him from the start. Sometimes it can feel like this pregnancy is too much about me and not enough about us as a couple, so I was really pleased by this.

The appointment was mainly focused around paperwork, so having a good idea of your immediate families medical history is very useful- it was lucky I had my boyfriend with me or I would have completely forgotten that there is one set of twins on his side!

The midwife also wanted to know about our social background, whether or not we had ever had involvement with social services, whether we both drank, smoked, used recreational drugs and what our current living situation is. I was investigated by social services when I was young owing to my mother having a problem with alcohol, and my step father being abusive. My midwife did say that she might have to raise this to the social welfare team, but she was very non-judgmental and was constantly repeating this was so that I could be supported in the best way possible should I need it.

There was also some basic medical tests. I pee’d in a pot, my blood pressure was taken, I had to stand on some scales (I’ve put on 1/2 a stone since being pregnant, but still have a healthy BMI of 22 thankfully!), and had my blood taken. The blood will be tested for several things, including syphilis and HIV. I believe you can opt out of your blood being tested for these things, but I figure whilst they have it anyway they might as well just test it for everything! They also need to know what blood type I am, and if I’m rhesus negative- this is in case my body attacks any future babies I have because they are rhesus positive. All very scienecey- but hopefully your midwife will be like mine and really go through everything clearly!

I didn’t realise that when you are pregnant in the UK, you are eligible for free dentist and prescriptions whilst you are pregnant and for a year after the baby is born- once again, how much do we love the NHS (hint- so much!).

I also was given my pregnancy pack- this came with; a book with all of my medical information in, a pregnancy screening guide, a pregnancy magazine, a free sample of Pregnacare viatmins, a lot of leaflets offering money off various things among others.

Having read things online before the appointment, I was under the impression I might have been able to listen to the babies heartbeat- this didn’t happen, so please do not get your hopes up too!

I am beyond happy with my midwife T- she is lovely, warm and funny, and was very understanding and informative- exactly what I imagined but didn’t dare hope for! She explained that as I am a low risk pregnancy she would advise that I deliver at the midwife led delivery centre, but I will do another post on my options and what I plan to do 😀

My next steps are to call the hospital next week once they have uploaded all of my information in to the computer system, and to get myself booked in for my first scan which will be between 1 and 2 weeks after. This is the dating scan, in which they will confirm when the baby is due, and they will also run screening tests for Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes. Again, you can opt out of this but I would rather know.

So that was the booking appointment! I hope you found this useful- I will be seeing my midwife again in just over a months time and will let you know what to expect from that appointment too 😀