I am a bit of a book nerd, and so from time to time I might put up a book review on this blog. They may not always be relevant, but this most recent book I have read is!


Having trouble sleeping recently, I have been getting through books pretty quickly. In the middle of the night, having finished one book, I ended up downloading Bumpology by Linda Geddes, the premise of which is “The Myth Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents to be”.

And that’s exactly what this book does. Sometimes, statistics can be scary, and sometimes they can very misleading. As a science journalist, Linda has written this after wading through many scientific journals trying to find that answers to questions that pregnant women ponder all the time- “Will my baby look like me or my partner?”, “Are some women naturally more maternal than others?”, and “Do I really have to forgo tea and coffee for 9 months?”

This book was pretty informative, and was more like speaking to a friend than a clinical pregnancy book. I learnt a fair few facts that I found very interesting such as:

  • Women aren’t the only ones to get postnatal depression- it also effects between 4-25 per cent of men.
  • If you scan a woman’s brain 3 weeks after giving birth, the same areas are highlighted as when you fall in love with someone, areas of reward, addiction and emotional processing.
  • Studies show that a babies heart rate slows down when a mother talks, suggesting that it is comforted by mothers voice.

This book is split in to many small chapters- ideal for picking up and reading a little bit at a time. I have the kindle app on my phone and found that when I woke up in the middle of night and was struggling to get back to sleep (darn progesterone!) that reading a few chapters of this would make my eye lids heavy again, but that isn’t to say it’s boring!

This is the first book on pregnancy I have read and no doubt I will get through many others whilst waiting for my little one to arrive, but it was definitely an interesting place to start!