I’m getting there, I’m nearly done with my first trimester!
I will be making a separate post about telling our families, which we did last week to some happy tears, squeals of excitement and a fair bit of shock- but all in all it was an excellent, happy time!

I have definitely noticed a decrease in mood swings and an increase on bump size. I don’t know how work haven’t cottoned on yet considering I’m quite slim and my stomach is considerably larger, but until my scan I won’t be telling them (next week! Exciting!)

I’m definitely tired a lot, and can sleep for days at the moment. I need the bathroom a lot more now, and my lower back hurts a fair bit. I’ve found that yoga does help, and am doing that whilst sat on a pillow.

(This series of videos I’ve found very useful- https://youtu.be/B87FpWtkIKA).

As I say, I have my scan next week and providing everything is fine, I’ll then be telling friends and extended family!

It’s all becoming very real 🙂