I’ve been a bad blogger.

With one thing and another, my life has taken a turn for the hectic. The main being the seemingly imminent arrival of Baby Walsh, which is now only 3 pay days away. I’m incredibly excited but also mildly terrified, which is something I feel a lot of people can relate to but people don’t openly discuss.

In fact, despite this baby being wanted and loved dearly already, I have to say that I have also experienced a lot of doubt, confusion and have also been mourning the life that me and Alex previously had, that I know will change as soon as baby enters the scene.

That’s not to say that I’m ungrateful for the chance to be a Mum, this is something that I have wanted since I was in my teens and I’m ecstatic to be having a family with someone as incredible as Alex. However, I think it would be unhealthy to not address the huge changes that are going to happen in our lives, and also to acknowledge that our relationship will change and adapt as we add another person the equation.

Alex said to me not too long ago that he felt like he was losing his best friend, and I totally got where he was coming from and burst into tears. But if he hadn’t have said anything I never would have done, and carrying that sort of feeling around would only breed problems long term.

The conclusion that we arrived at, after several conversations and a lot of soul searching, was that the base of our relationship is happiness; we would do whatever it took to make the other happy. We both agreed that this is also how we would treat Baby. Other children may have more toys, a bigger room, a better school, but our child would never  feel like his happiness was not a number one priority for Mum and Dad.

The Walsh family is growing and changing, but the core of our relationship is that each others happiness is the most important thing for all of us, and that it always will be.