This happened nearly 10 weeks ago, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

I was told before going in to the scan that the ultrasound technicians have a lot of things to check during this scan, so if they are quiet whilst rolling the equipment over your tummy, don’t worry that they are seeing bad things and aren’t communicating them to you- they just have a lot of measurements to take!

Luckily for us, we had a super talkative technician, who talked us through every image and every measurement.

I found the whole experience incredible, we saw the baby yawn, and also hide its face under its arms when the ultrasound tech was trying to check for a cleft pallet.



The scan also confirmed for me that those little feelings that I had were in fact kicks, as I watched the babies legs extend as I felt a sudden prod in my tummy!

I was amazed that they can watch the babies little heart fill with blood, pump it out and make sure that it works as it should. We could see that the babies bladder was full, proving that the kidneys are functioning normally. I could happily go for a scan and watch the baby wiggle all day every day, I fell deeply in love with Beansprout at that moment.


Then came the subject of gender, so if you want to let Baby Beansprouts Gender be a surprise, then finish reading here…

Alex and I both thought the baby would be a girl, for differing reasons. I had had several, incredibly realistic dreams that the baby was a girl, one of which was so moving I cried when I retold it to Alex.

The ultrasound technician left determining the sex until last, as obviously this is not the most important part of this scan. The main thing was that the baby was healthy, which it was, but if we could find out the gender it would be the icing on the cake.

Baby Walsh is a he! Never before have you seen someone as excited as Alex when it was confirmed that he would have a son. I can imagine coming downstairs on a Sunday morning whilst both Alex and Baby are watching Match of the Day.

The day of the scan was one of my favourite days. I can’t wait to meet you Baby.