I am the only one of my friends who is currently pregnant/has a child.

My friends from school, who by and large are my closest friends to this day, are very career orientated. They have been travelling around the world, working to get where they wanted to be in their jobs and putting that first.

I’ve always been more of a home body and I hate flying so travelling was never something I wanted to do. I’m also not very driven in terms of work, I like having a job where I leave at 5:30pm and don’t have to worry about it again. I’ve also moved out of London, whereas all my friends still live there. I want to move further afield to either the seaside or the countryside, not only so we can have a nicer, bigger house but because both Alex and I want a slower pace of life.

That isn’t to say that me and my friends don’t speak any more, but the fact that I’m pregnant at 27 has meant that our priorities do not align at the moment.

I am trying to make friends who are in the same place as me in their life. These are the ways I’m going about it, and if you have any suggestions or are in the same place as me please let me know.

Instagram- I set up an Instagram account just relating to Baby and Motherhood things. The main reason for this was because I didn’t want to drown my Facebook and intsa with baby related things, but it has been really great for starting relationships with other women who have young children or are pregnant. The only issue with this is that I am currently speaking to women worldwide, so arranging play dates will be difficult.



Facebook Groups- I have joined Breastfeeding Berkshire and Baby Wearing Berkshire groups, with a view to going to events and networking with women with children who live near me. At the moment, whilst I’m still pregnant, I don’t see myself going to any but as soon as little one is born I will be heading out a lot.


This Blog- This blog was created to connect with Mums-to-be and Mums all over, as well as to record my thoughts and feelings towards impending parenthood.

Once Baby Walsh is here,  I imagine making friends will get easier, but pregnancy can definitely be a lonely place, and would be a hell of a lot worse without the internet.

*whispers* I love you internet.