So, on the 2nd of June, Alex and I got married on the sly!

We only had 20 people or so for the day, since we wanted to keep the day as quiet and chilled as possible. Naturally, I was still exhausted by the end of the day because regardless of how small your wedding is, it’s still a really busy day when you’re running around like a headless chicken making sure everyone has a drink, has had enough to eat and is having a nice time.


We didn’t get engaged in a traditional fashion. It was more of a mutual decision that we wanted to get married before the baby arrived so that we all had the same surname on the birth certificate *oh the romance!*

This was on or around the 13th March (my Dad’s birthday, we’d been out for a meal which is when it came up in conversation). A couple of days later, we called the registry office and found out the availability for the end of May/start of June (my family all work or still attend school, so we needed to make sure it was in half term).

And that was that. We were technically engaged. Alex asked me if I wanted an engagament ring when we were looking at wedding bands. He was looking at ring before I fell pregnant, but with baby on the way, getting engaged was no longer a priority. I said no, because I felt like the wedding ring was the important ring.

HOWEVER, one day in April, Alex and I came home from work. I went in to the kitchen to start cooking dinner, when we called me in to the living room. And there he was, on one knee, ring in hand. I’ll admit that I cried, I just wasn’t expecting it. He confessed that it upset him that I didn’t have an engagement ring, so he bought one for me. I know, he’s freaking adorable.


The Build Up

Planning the wedding was relatively easy since we were having one so small. I found a beautiful maternity wedding dress on the website Tiffany Rose. and ordered it as soon as I saw it. Alex got his suit from a shop called Slaters where they tailored it all for him for free. We arranged with Alex’s uncle to hold the reception at his house since he has a large garden and ample parking. Another of Alex’s uncles took care of the catering, a family friend donated the cake, we bought all the booze online from Sainsburys a week before the wedding, Alex’s aunties took huge pride in decorating the house for us and we asked a couple of friends with DSLR’s and a keen hobby for photography to take the photos for us. Now all we had to do was wait for the 2nd June to roll around.

The Wedding

We decided to stay together and get ready together the day of the wedding, and I am so glad we did. I would have been a nervous wreck if I hadn’t been able to see him until we were at the registry. The night before we watched a film, and it was just like a regular Wednesday night. In the morning, we woke up and went to collect my bouquet and his button hole from the local florist.

DSC_0018 3.JPG

Getting ready I wasn’t nervous at all because I was with him. When Al saw me in my dress he said I looked beautiful, which was so lovely to hear since I’ve been having a weight crisis of late. We went to the registry office, where we met the rest of our guests.

My dad walked me in to the room, with Alex waiting for me. It felt super surreal but there were loads of funny moments during the ceremony to take the edge off and make it a typical “us” ceremony.

DSC_0037 3.JPG

The ceremony itself was only about 10/15 minutes long, which included signing the documents and making our marriage legit.

We then headed outside to take some more photos, before heading back to Alex’s uncles for amazing food, drinks, chats and a brilliant special guest.

I cannot explain enough how happy I am to be Mrs Walsh and to be married to my best friend.

Here’s a few choice images below…