I’ve seen so many posts, and read so many blogs, on the subject of guilt.

Things us mothers feel guilty for, even before our baby is born. It’s like an original sin, none of us feel like we’ve done enough or are enough for our children.

I’d like to start the reversal of this trend, and so after I’ve listed the things that I do feel guilty for, I will list the things that I am proud of doing for my baby.

Guilty of…

  • Not taking my folic acid every day
  • Not attending any NCT/parenting classes like I had planned
  • Not eating all healthy, all the time
  • That one glass of prosecco I had at my wedding
  • Not going swimming or to pregnancy yoga
  • Not having our own house to bring you home to, but instead living with your Nan.

I’m sure there would be more if I thought about it, but let’s do a reversal shall we…

Proud of…

  • Taking folic acid and vitamin D almost every day for 9 months
  • Making sure I have a good friend network in an area I barely knew, so that I can be supported in order to support you better
  • Eating much healthier than I used to, in fact, ten times better.
  • Managing to avoid alcohol at all other times, even before people knew I was pregnant and it was CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR, and I could have sworn I’d have been rumbled. But no one noticed. Which shows you how drunk they all were.
  • Going for a walk nearly everyday, even in the rain. Sometimes for miles.
  • Getting all of our money saved up, so that we can buy our own house, by the seaside within a year, so that you can grow up with the best life possible. And in the meantime, you get to spend lots of time with your Nanna Claire, and you’ll love her lots.

It’s just a matter of perspective. For every one meal I feel guilty about having, for every day that I didn’t take my tablet, there are 10 days that I did. We need to pat ourselves on the back more, rather than punish ourselves for the tiny slip ups. We are human, we are parents and we are LEARNING. Most of us are changing habits of a life time in order to better ourselves for our children. And that is what we should be proud of, rather than carrying around a guilt. Let’s motivate ourselves by thinking we are already great, but we could be better, rather than berate ourselves.

Mummy Power!


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