I was aware that having a baby was going to turn life as I knew it on its head, but it has still been a huge learning curve. I’ve been learning to live on 5 hours sleep, had to get over the disappointment of turning to bottle feeding, and had to get to grips with the never ending rota of cleaning bottles and the ever growing pile of washing. It has been the hardest yet most incredible and rewarding 3 weeks of my life, and although I’ve had some very low lows, I seem to be soaring on the highest of highs more often than not.

Warren is the most delightful baby. He seems like me in that he loves his food and doesn’t like when he has to wait more than 2 minutes for his bottle to be prepared. When in his pram, he enjoys going over bumpy ground and doesn’t like the smooth floor surface of any shop we go in to. He hates being naked, which makes bath time interesting, and without fail will wee on me at least once a day. His big blue eyes make my heart melt, as do his little windy smiles, and the way his hand will grip on to my collar whilst we’re having a cuddle.

I now battle thoughts of never wanting him to get any bigger than he currently is, and wanting to watch him grow and learn how to smile, roll and walk. I can’t wait for his first word, and simultaneously don’t want him to ever grow. What’s for sure is that I never realised I could love anything other than my husband this deeply and intensely, and that I’m excited about what life will bring for our little family. IMG-20160812-WA0013