I’ve heard this many times, from many people. Someone will ask me how I am, I will reply that I’m feeling good but tired. Inevitably, they’ll tell me that I should be sleeping when the baby sleeps. Over the last 4 weeks, this has become my least liked phrase. It makes total sense of course, and family and friends are only telling me this because they want me to be well rested. But I wish it was that easy.

Us new Mums juggle so many things. Even with the help I have received from my family, I sometimes feel like I’m just about staying afloat. As well as looking after Warren, there’s washing clothes, putting away laundry, cleaning, trying to get a bite to eat, having a super quick bath, midwife, health visitor and doctors appointments, a long queue of friends and family that want to spend time with baby, and just once in a  while I’d love to watch an episode of Law and Order with a cup of tea.

New Mums know we should sleep when baby sleeps, but it’s not always possible. Even when I do lie down after putting Warren down, my mind is working at a million miles an hour. “Do I have enough bottles prepared?” “What on earth am I going to do for dinner?” “Is Warren OK?” “God I’m tired”

If you know a new mum, and they tell you they’re tired, please don’t tell them to sleep when the baby sleeps. Make them a coffee, tell them they are doing an amazing job despite thier tiredness, and offer hugs and support. They will sleep when they can, but it’ll never be enough to feel well rested.