I have been meaning to create a capsule wardrobe for over a year, but I apparently am really attached to clothes that I don’t wear. In fact, when I think about it, I only wear about 30% of the clothes I own, if that. Obviously, what with just having had Warren, I can’t wear a lot of my clothes anyway. I think this made it a lot easier to throw out a lot of things, since I haven’t been in the habit of wearing them.

I’ve gone through my wardrobe, and thrown out 7 bags of clothes and shoes (well, donated to charity). Anything that’s left that I don’t include in this capsule wardrobe I will be putting in to storage and deciding it’s fate another time.

Project 333 is a concept that really interests me. Minimise your wardrobe and minimise the daily problem of finding something to wear. Stop purchasing unneeded items. Care for the clothes you have, and invest in better quality clothes. Basically, your wardrobe should work for you, and not make you feel shitty.

My problem is that I buy ‘pieces’ but I don’t think about how it works with the clothes I already own. I buy things on impulse, and then never wear them. I want to be able to pick any two or three items, and know that they coordinate and flatter my shape.

I’ve had to start thinking long and hard about my style as well. I’ve always put myself in the ‘grown up emo’ category. Basically, I wear a lot of black, a lot of grey, graphic tshirts and converse (and I still listen to MCR on the regular!) But the pieces I buy show that I want to be a bit more sophisticated, I’ve just not had the foresight to actually think about what I’m buying and what I can wear it with.

So, I’m starting to get my first ever capsule wardrobe organised. It’s taking a lot of preparation- I have an app on my phone called stylicious where you upload pictures of your clothes and then you can play around with combinations of items (it makes me think about the awesome wardrobe Cher had in Clueless- such envy!)

I’m hoping that by dedicating time and effort to organising my clothes, the mornings, or afternoons if it’s one of those days, will be so much easier, and with a bit of luck I’ll still look like I’ve made an effort, rather than my usual been-dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards state of being!

I’m hoping I will have this planned out in a week, and then I will upload a blog (maybe even a video!) about what I’ve included in my wardrobe.