I was dreading the first time I took Warren out to a restaurant. 

Having a baby with colic, I was anticipating screaming non stop, having to apologise to the people sat next to us for the constant crying and disruption. 

I would have put money on explosion poos, not having enough formula milk or forgetting nappies, or something of equal importance. I would rue the day I stopped breast feeding as the only bottle I had leaked in the nappy bag. 

But, none of this has happened.

I’ve been out 3 times in the last 3 weeks. One brunch and two lunches, one to a country pub, once to Wagamamas and once to Bill’s.  

In the pub, Warren slept after he had his feed as soon as we arrived, and stayed that way until we were home. In wagamamas, he slept the entire time and therefore was the best behaved child in the restaurant. In Bill’s, he was awake, alert and happy before falling asleep in my arms.

In fact, the only inconvenience was that in Bill’s, there wasn’t enough space to park my buggy next to the table, so I had to hold him constantly (which made eating my brunch more challenging, but nothing stops me when it comes to breakfast muffins). 

I have learnt to always pack an extra top for myself (I did get puked on a little bit). For formula feeders, a carton of ready made milk is handy to have just in case. Definitely double check the bag efore you leave  (I did nearly leave wipes at home. That would have been regrettable). 

Mostly, I’ve learnt that having a baby doesn’t have to stop you enjoying a sit down meal with friends.