I took Warren to the health visitors on Tuesday, for the first time in a month. He’s jumped from 5.3kg to 7kg, which means he has gone up 2 percentiles. Cue the qusstions; “how much are you feeding him?”, “how many bottles a day?”, “you’ll have to come back in 2 weeks and possibly take him to a paediatric doctor”. 

One minute, it’s feed on demand, even when I was concerned that he was feeding too much. He has 6 oz bottles, and has done for about a month. I feel like I was asking questions to be ignored, to then be attacked as to his weight gain. 

My boy is a big boy, he’s long and already in 3 to 6 month clothes because his little feet were scrunched up. His paternal grandad is 6 foot 7, his dad is 6 foot, and I was a chunky baby. I hate that they’ve made me feel bad about Warren’s size. He’s perfect in every way, he’s in proportion and I don’t appreciate health visitors making me feel like a bad mum. 

To any health visitor reading this- babies weren’t designed to follow a curve on a graph. Some days Warren wants an extra bottle, some days he sleeps through the night so he misses a feed. He is a happy baby, well loved and looked after. All your interrogation does is make me doubt myself as a mother, when  you should be telling me I’m doing well. I have enough self doubt without you adding to it.