My baby boy is 15 weeks old, and will be 16 weeks old this Saturday.

He just had his third lot of injections, which were as awful as the first two rounds, but at least he’s done with those now until his first birthday.

He is not rolling over yet, but he has superb neck control and I think he will be sitting up unaided soon. He can be pretty chatty and loves making noises if you make noises at him; when I’m cooking we seem to have whole conversations and I love it! I wish I knew what he was trying to communicate.

He loves if you swing him in your arms really high up, or if you make his feet touch his cheeks! 

He sleeps through the night (sometimes) and drinks about 5 7oz bottles a day. After weeks of feeling shitty because the health visitors told me he was putting on weight too quickly, they seem to have accepted that Warren is a good weight for his length.

As for me, I’m doing OK. Motherhood is a huge life change and I’d be lying if I said I was prepared for it. Sometimes I get quite down, thinking about the things that I will probably never do now I have a child. But then, I try to remind myself that now I get to have these experiences with Warren and that he is now my motivation to succeed. 

He is my life, and I love him so much it hurts.